Monday, January 30, 2012

The Vagina Warriors ( Introduction in English )

Have you ever wondered why vagina has been known as CIBAI?

Is CIBAI sounds filthy and shameful to you?

Why on earth that a sacred body part like vagina can be downgraded into the foul language that has disconcerting connotations?

Stereotypical thoughts should be knocked down, despite the fact that Malaysia is a conservative country where Patriarchal practice is just too strong to be abolished.

Through <Vagina Warriors>, newly formed Neighborhood Performance Group wish to bring up unconventional ideas about vagina.

Then only the women rights to speak up their feelings and sexuality could be empowered…
Peformance Info:

Venue: stage 1, penang pac


24/2/12 (Friday) 8pm

25/2/12 (Saturday) 2pm, 8pm

26/2/12 (Sunday) 2pm

Ticket Price:

RM33 (Adult), RM23 (Student), RM28/pax for Group purchase(min. 5 pax)

Early bird privilage

* purchase before 1/2/12

RM28 (Adult), RM18 (Student)

RM25/pax for Group purchase(min. 5 pax)

Contact: 017-4808001 or penangpac

* not suitable for audiance below 15 w/o guidance

* student ticket holder may required to show their student card upon entrance

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